Monday, 24 September 2018 10:54

A Legacy of Love

By Ms. Ai Geonzon Mutya


Being part of the delegation from the community of Davao who joined the 25th LITES Congress in Manila on August 18, 2018, was another grace-filled moment, for which I thank God. It made me pause and ponder where I am in my journey.

Bishop Ambo had shared that the celebration of the Eucharist makes the past present; thus, we should not make Christ a past event. It was a reminder, and at the same time, brought up this question for me:  Is this what I experience every time I attend Mass? What is my participation during Mass?  Do I see Jesus in the priest who presides at the Mass?  I know deep inside that there were moments it becomes just an ordinary celebration ─ a routine that sometimes loses its meaning. But should I allow it to be meaningless?  Bishop Ambo also said that participation in Christ’s priesthood is about living a Eucharistic life.

My offering to God is not my token, talent, time, treasure but rather MY WHOLE LIFE. For everything that I have is a Gift. Living a Eucharistic life is TO GIVE, TO SHARE. From token offering to OFFERING OF SELF, to become what we eat: TO BE CHRISTIFIED.

Offering of self entails real sacrifice; it is giving up something good for something better.  Fr. Dela Rosa posed this question:  “What good things have you given up for God lately?” “If God changes something in us, it is because He wants to change others THROUGH US.” He described a poor person as someone who is not afraid to lose anything because he has given up everything.

“Let Go, let God” has been my motto since my high school days. But as I listened to the two resource speakers, it made me wonder if I really understand what these words mean. Had I really given up everything for God? Could I really give up everything for Him? Looking back lately on my experiences, I felt the guilt that I am not evangelically poor. Fear still comes in a way despite receiving Jesus daily or weekly basis on Sundays. I still hold on to the “what ifs“ of life.

As Fr. Dela Rosa says: “Joy is a product of our decision. We can decide to be joyful no matter what the circumstances of our lives are. Joy is not something that happens to us, we make it happen.”

Being part of the LITES core group, animating the youth and a member of the ABS, do these give me the right to judge people based on their experiences? Or should I have the heart to understand first? It reminds me of the formula of promise during our acceptance in ABS: “…in wishing to live my baptismal consecration according to St. Peter Julian Eymard’s charism, I want to place at the center of my life the Paschal Mystery, interiorizing it in prayer and sharing with people the life following from it.” Then I could say, every day of my life will always remain a challenge to be Jesus’ Eucharist to the people whom God entrusted to me, to promote goodness without complaining and to shine like the stars in the sky as Fr. Joseph Matitu reminded everyone during the Solemn Lauds at the start of the congress. This will be my solemn promise to God. This will be my legacy of love.