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Friday, 29 April 2022 08:52

Collection: Bread for the Journey - Selected Texts of Saint Peter-Julian Eymard

A work produced by the CEFO (Commission for Studies on the holy Founder and his Works), with booklets published in French, English and Italian, carried out by the Centro Eucaristico of Ponteranica, Italy.


We informed you in SSS International 305 that the volume 5 “The mercy of God and volume 6 “Each liturgical season has its grace, already present in eBook format on section <San Pier Giuliano Eymard>, would be soon printed.

They are now available at the SSS General Curia. Here is the complete series available:

Volume 2

Bread of Life, Heart and Love - Sermons on the Eucharist

1,00 €

Volume 4

“It is Christ who lives in me” - Proposal of a eucharistic spirituality

1,00 €

Volume 5

The mercy of God. An ocean of love

2,20 €

Volume 6

“Each liturgical season has its grace”. Advent and Christmas - Lent and Easter

3,10 €


Total for the 4 volumes

7,30 €


We inform you also that the volume 7 in the French collection is available. Here is the complete series:

Volume 1

Une pensée par jour

1,20 €

Volume 2

Pain de vie, du cœur et de l’amour. Prédication sur l’Eucharistie

1,30 €

Volume 3

Conseils de vie spirituelle. Extraits de sa correspondance

1,75 €

Volume 4

« C’est le Christ qui vit en moi » Proposition d’une spiritualité eucharistique

1,40 €

Volume 5

La miséricorde de Dieu. Un océan d’amour

1,10 €

Volume 6

« Chaque temps liturgique a sa grâce » Avent et Noel - Carême et Pâques

1,75 €

Volume 7

« Tous les mystères renferment quelque chose d’eucharistique ». Fêtes du Seigneur et des Saints

2,00 €


Total pour les 7 volumes

10,50 €


We remind you that you can order the booklets of the collection published in French and English from the SSS Generalate by contacting the General Secretary at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Volume 7 is also available in Italian now. You can order the booklets in Italian at the Centro Eucaristico of Ponteranica.

ATTENTION: If you wish to have these texts printed in your country, you must respect all the configuration of the series established by the CEFO, so you must first contact the General Secretary of the SSS Generalate.


Father Joseph Vu Quoc Binh, sss
General Secretary

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