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Wednesday, 22 June 2022 10:21

Conferring of the ministries of Reader and Acolyte at the Emmaus Inter-African Scholasticate

On Sunday, 8 May 2022, the Inter-African Scholasticate "Emmaus" had a double celebration: on the one hand the fifty-ninth World Day of Prayer for Vocations, and on the other hand the occasion of the conferring of the ministries of sixteen scholastics. This day of celebration and joy was for the scholasticate an occasion not to be missed as is customary, to rejoice in the gift of the vocation to the consecrated life and to the priesthood, as well as to consolidate fraternity between Eymardians. (Fathers, Brothers, Aggregates) and Christians of good will from the Blessed Anuarite parish.

Thus, after the proclamation of the Gospel by Deacon Joel, omi, Fr Anaclet Bambala Mazina, sss, president of the Eucharistic celebration and Superior of the province of Isidore Bakanja, in accordance with his role as a Major Superior, conferred on behalf of the universal Church the ministry of reader on brothers: Adérito, Baudelaire, Esaïe, Gabriel, Grace, José, Mariano, Onavio, Patino, Pierre, Terenciano, Timothéo, and that of acolyte on brothers: Borjalvin, Crisvel, David, Immanuel. On the previous day, it should be noted, Fr Magloire Makengo, sss, and Deacon Alfred Kumanzembe, sss explained to these new ministers the meaning of each respective ministry – lectorate and acolyte.


Conferring of the ministries 2


By commenting on the liturgical texts of the day, Father Anaclet began by encouraging his young confreres about being resolute in this vocation despite the multiple crises that are before them, and then he urged the people of God to rebuild families as Pope Francis pointed out in his message on the occasion of the 59th Day of Prayer for Vocations. Finally, to close his homily, Father Anaclet returned to the realistic fact that sound consecrated persons come from good families. With this final statement, he thus invited each one to become a good shepherd for others. 

Message of Pope FrancisCalled to build the human family
Rome, St John Lateran, 8 May 2022, Fourth Sunday of Easter.

After this divine service, the scholasticate opened its doors to serve wine to the religious, associates and friends had come from all over for this celebration. Between convivial meals and fraternal conversation, the day itself manifest the immense joy that consecrated persons bring to their place of mission, which is one witnessing life.


Brother Baudelaire Benazo, sss
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

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