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Episcopal Commission for Liturgy in Brazil

The 60th General Assembly of the National Conference of Brazilian Bishops (NCBB) chose, on Wednesday 26 April, its new President for the Episcopal Conference for Liturgy of the NCBB. Fr Hernaldo Pinto Farias, bishop of Bonfim (BA), was chosen to guide this liturgical commission for the period of four years 2023-2027.

He had already acted as a consultant for this Commission during the process of translating the Third Edition of the Roman Missal. “Because I believe in a liturgy that was born out of the Second Vatican Council, I accept it!” he said in response to the question “do you accept this mission?”, asked by Fr Walmor Azevedo de Oliveira, president of the NCBB.


About the Liturgical Commission

The Episcopal Pastoral Commission for the Liturgy of the National Conference of Brazilian Bishops (NCBB) is responsible for promoting, strengthening and guiding the liturgical life of the Church in Brazil in its process of renewal and inculturation, in the light of the Second Vatican Council. It is responsible for encouraging the formation and organization of liturgical pastoral care in the dioceses through the entity's regional offices, as well as preparing subsidies for the animation of liturgical life, referring to pastoral care, music and the liturgical space.


National Conference of Brazilian Bishops

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