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Meeting of the SSS Conference of the Americas (3 - 4 of April 2024, Belo Horizonte - Brazil)

From left to right Fathers: Carlos José, Francisco Jr, John Thomas, Philip Benzy, José Antonio, Marcelo Carlos


The Emmaus Centre, located in the Dom Cabral neighbourhood in the city of Belo Horizonte, was the headquarters that hosted, between 3 and 4 April 2024, the meeting of the Blessed Sacrament Conference of the Americas (CSA). Representatives of the SSS Provinces of America participated in this meeting, including Fathers John Thomas Lane, sss, Provincial of the Province of Saint Ann in the United States; Father Carlos José Sierra, sss, Provincial of the Province of Saint John XXIII of Colombia and Father Marcelo Carlos Da Silva, sss, Provincial of the Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The work carried out on these days was also followed by: the Superior General of the Congregation, Father Philip Benzy Romician, sss; the General Consultor for America, Father Francisco Júnior Marques, sss; and the General Consultor for Europe, Father José Antonio Rivera Ruiz, sss.

For a brief update about what the CSA is and its importance, we asked each of its participants to respond to the questions put to them as follows. 

  • Father Júnior: What is the CSA?

The letters CSA refer to Blessed Sacrament Conference of the Americas, a SSS example of regional collaboration, that is, of the provinces that are part of America collaborating about various aspects of our mission, mainly in regard to fostering the internationality of our mission and Eucharistic spirituality.

  • Father Carlos José: Who take part in the CSA?

The CSA comprises three provinces, namely the Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Brazil, Argentina and Chile); San Juan XXIII Province (Colombia and Peru) and Saint Ann Province (United States).

Regarding its administration: the President is Father Marcelo Silva, sss; the Vice President Father Carlos José, sss; and its Secretary, Father John Thomas Lane, sss.

  • Father John Thomas: What is the purpose of the CSA, what was it created for?

The objective of interprovincial conferences is clearly evident in our Rule of Life 93:

“When several provinces in the same geographical area are living under similar conditions and closer collaboration is considered advisable, an inter-provincial conference comprising the provinces and regions concerned may be set up, with the consent of the superior general.”

Thus, there are Asian, African, European and now American conferences for our regional collaboration on certain aspects of our mission and working to support us as leaders and members.

  • Father Marcelo: As a province… What can we expect from the CSA?

The Blessed Sacrament Conference of the Americas wishes, with this current path, to be a greater instrument to foster communion and internationality regarding fulfilment of our mission. With this amplified conference, which, no longer being a Latin American conference, becomes the Conference of the Americas, our congregation is strengthened in communion, fraternity and service and, in this Eucharistic mission, we are certainly also strengthened with other cultures and provinces such as the province of Saint Ann in the USA.

We then hope for a path of great communion, animation of mission and growth in Eucharistic spirituality.

  • Father Philip Benzy: How important is the CSA for the Congregation in the spirit of internationality?

The Congregation’s geographic conferences constitute an organism providing animation and support for the provincial/regional administration in its endeavour to grow in fidelity to the charism.

The CSA (Provinces of Saint Ann, Saint John XXIII and Our Lady of Guadalupe), with their cultural and historical heritage, as well as their significant political, social, economic and theological characteristics, greatly enrich the Congregation.

With the gift of “internationality”, the constituents of the CSA will be able mutually to continue the Eucharistic mission effectively and to foster Eucharistic spirituality in this part of the world with better collaboration and understanding. The principles of synodality and communion will assist them to overcome difficulties and differences.

Thus, the CSA contributes a new spirit and vigour to the life and mission of the Congregation.

Let us follow this SSS initiative and pray for each of the decisions and proposals that came from this meeting.

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