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Holy Week and Celebration of Confirmations Lima-Peru

Holy Week refers to three fundamental events at the kernel of the Christian faith: the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. These events encompass the redemption of humanity through Jesus' sacrifice and his triumph over sin and death. For this reason, the spiritual and mystical experience of this time, understood as a kairos in the Church’s life, has always been fundamental.

The Peruvian people live their faith with enthusiasm, commitment and dedication based on their traditional and devotional reality. Thus, the experience of Holy Week in Peru, as in several Latin American countries, attracts millions of the faithful from Palm Sunday to the Celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection.

This lived experience of faith was evident in a special manner in our St Cristóbal Parish Community, which comprises nine (9) chapels located in the district of St John of Lurigancho-Lima.

Holy Week 1

The parish community lived and shared this major week with commitment and dedication, which was greatly fostered highlighted by the availability of the four (4) sss religious, the Fathers Camille Gagnon, Elibien Joseph, Alexander Espitia and Juan David Zapata, who serve the communities with the cooperation of the parishioners.

Our local community in its particular situation involves many challenges regarding both the the promotion of the SSS identity and the integration of the different chapels (the internal communities within the parish). In the midst of everything, the Spirit enlightens us and it is reflected in the witness of the faith of numerous parishioners with their simplicity, openness and dedication. In this perspective, the religious are committed as a team to carrying out pastoral care focused on promoting communion, participation and parochial harmony in the logic of synodality.

The essence of Easter can be lived in the internal and external experience of the community: it is a “Passage” from sin to grace because of Jesus’ triumph over the reality of evil, which is intrinsic to the essence of the Resurrection. “If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain” (1 Cor 15:14).

In this outburst of Paschal joy, as expressed in the preface of this significant and glorious season of the resurrection, we wish all our sss brothers “Happy Easter.” May the Spirit of the Risen Lord encourage the journey of our communities in harmony with number 7 of our Rule of Life.


Celebration of Confirmations in Our Parish

Last month the local Church of the Diocese of Chosica, where we are located, lived an important event of ecclesial communion when Monsignor Jorge Izaguirre, CSC, took canonical possession as the bishop.

Holy Week 3

A decade ago our Parish decided to celebrate confirmations on the 2nd Sunday of Easter. Thus, the new bishop accepted the invitation of the Parish about the celebration of the confirmations that took place on 7 April at Caja de Agua, the main church, and conferred the sacrament of maturity in the faith on 135 young people and adults.

Holy Week 2

This celebration, presided over by the Bishop, was concelebrated by the sss religious, Fathers Elibien Joseph, Alexander Espitia and Juan David, as well as by two other religious, Fathers: Carles Such, Jesús Marrou, and Edmundo Alarcón. Likewise noteworthy was the presence of the 5 congregations in the parish jurisdiction, and some seminarians from the Diocese of Chosica,

Commenting on the richness of the Word in the Gospel of Jn 20:19-31, Bishop Jorge drew attention to the importance of the appearance of Jesus to the disciples on several occasions with a message of peace. Thus he challenged the young people by emphasising that their mission should not end here, but that it is only the beginning of a new journey of faith, characterized by witnessing, dedication and commitment to the Church and society.

This message is a challenge to those confirmed through the witness of the first Christians (Acts 4:23-35) and various members of the community who have experienced the grace of the resurrection to be attentive to the Word, attentive to carrying out and being authentic Christians and good citizens at the service of the Church and Society, enlightened by the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Our best wishes for these young people, who are now rooted in an experiential and witnessed encounter with Jesus, the Risen One.

9 April 2024

Father Elibien Joseph, sss
Parish Priest

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