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SSS African Conference in Maputo, Mozambique

Bridge between our SSS Communities in Africa

conf 4After the meeting in Senegal in August 2022, the SSS African Conference (signified by AC) met from 22 to 26April, 2024 in our community of Santa Ana de Maputo. This was an occasion of immense joy for Confreres Anaclet Bambala (Vicar General), Olivier Ndondo (Isidore Bakanja Province - D.R. of Congo • President of the AC), Jean de Dieu Passy (Cardinal Emile Biayenda Region - Republic of Congo • newly elected Secretary of the AC), Gérard Daix (Saint Peter Julian Eymard Province of Northern Europe), Simon Peter Zikusooka (Isidore Bakanja Province - Uganda • Vice-President of the AC) and myself Yves Maximin Sagna (Our Lady of Africa Province • Senegal - Guinea Bissau), to be warmly welcomed by Father Félix Tupasso (Superior of the Community of Mozambique) and by Father Agostinho Maholele (who was invited to the meeting as a former General Consultor), as well as by the other Confreres of Mozambique, included those who once walked with us.

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Like this imposing and magnificent work of the new bridge connecting Mozambique and neighbouring South Africa across the Indian Ocean, the AC is meant to be a bridge between our SSS communities present in Africa and elsewhere.

The meeting opened with a time of recollection led by Father Anaclet, sss. After refreshing our memory on the message of the last General Chapter of Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), the meditation also had a formative character. We were reminded that the exercise of authority in the Church entails dimensions of being close, listening to and supporting the Confreres with whom we live. These reminders were so relevant insofar as we hoped that the Superiors of communities in Africa could also benefit from the same formation.

Several challenges to be faced

Then entering into actually dealing with the questions on the agenda, we reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of our formation houses on the African Continent, the Inter-African Novitiate the Cenacle in Koudiadiène and the Emmaus Scholasticate in Kinshasa, as regards organizing them according to the directives of the  Document “Follow me” and in practical matters concerning which the African Conference has been attentive, such as that of the renewal of means of transport and the maintenance of the buildings of these formation structures. This matter of formation is so vital for the Congregation that we do not intend to consider it any longer as not continuous, but as a dynamic process which, once begun, is ongoing until the end of our earthly life.

Other points were treated in our reflection, notably the quality of communication within our Geographical Conference, in order to strengthen the sense of internationality and communion in our SSS Family. This priority of the 36th General Chapter caught our attention. In this sense, our African Conference is very grateful for the multifaceted backing and solidarity from which we benefit, particularly in the financial support for the formation of our young religious, as well as their being welcomed by the other SSS geographical Conferences.

Among you, generous donors, allow us to express our deep gratitude to the CENA Organization which has supported our SSS communities in Africa for several decades.

Regarding this matter of formation as well as other priorities, we hope that the essential animation commissions of the Congregation will be likewise set up in the organization of our Geographical Conference.

During these meetings, we had the joy of benefitting from the attention and the visit by personnel of the SSS Aggregates, as well as by the two Auxiliary Bishops of the Archdiocese of Maputo, Mgr. Tonito Francisco Xavier Muananoua and Mgr. Osório Citora Afonso, who expressed their delight and gratitude for the valuable work accomplished by our SSS Confreres in Mozambique for decades, a very significant endeavour in the history of the local church.

As in most of our Nations, it is clear that many challenges await our African Conference. We intend to meet them with the help of God and our creative involvement, through consultation and the pooling all our resources! Like Mozambique, which is being built up little by little, since it experienced a rebirth after the peace process of October 1992, our SSS presence in Africa and especially in Mozambique, holds great hope. In our Postulancy house, 16 young men are carefully preparing to join us in the mission field and to ensure our continuity of SSS religious!

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Visit by the Mozambican Aggregates Bureau to the African Conference


 Father Yves Maximin Sagna, sss
Provincial Superior, Senegal

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