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Acampeucarístico or EucharistiCamp: a youth eucharistic experience not to be missed

From the 12th to the 14th of July 2024, the Archdiocesan Sanctuary of Adoration in the Archdiocese of Fortaleza, administered by the SSS religious of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, will promote the second edition of the Acampeucarístico on Ceará soil, in north eastern state of Brazil.

The Acampeucarístico was inspired by Eurocamp, promoted by SSS religious in Europe since the 1980s. Father Francisco Júnior, sss, introduced and adapted the idea to our reality giving it a Latin American and now Brazilian look. In 2023, we had our first quite successful expression of it in Fortaleza and, this year, we want to repeat the success experienced.

With the theme “Called to the Cenacle”, which is proposed as an expression of being in deep communion with the final message of the 36th General Chapter of the Congregation, celebrated last year in Vietnam, the Acampeucarístico is being held as a mission and service of the Blessed Sacrament Eucharistic Youth, a branch of the Aggregation of the Blessed Sacrament that was developed by the initiative of the Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Argentina, Brazil and Chile) and is becoming a reality later this year, by celebrating the promises for life of a group of young people who have followed the path of formation.

The program includes many activities of games to involve young people, comprising those between the ages of 14 and 29. Eucharistic Olympics, dynamics, an ecological trail, frivolities, celebrations and lots of fraternity are some of the items offered by the camp.

All young people are invited, regardless of whether they are Catholics or not. After all, the experience of living and communicating the Eucharist is for everyone, since our Founder, Saint Peter Julian Eymard, inspires us to “spread the fire of the Eucharist to the four corners of the world”, to all peoples, races and languages, and in our reality, in a fresh way, to present the experience of a life of prayer, fraternity and service as our witness to all those approaching us. That is why we proclaim to everyone that “Acampeucharístico is the best way for our youth to experience the Eucharist.”

Those interested in participating and for more information should access our Instagram profile @acampeucaristico.ce, where they are able to see photos, videos and all accounts of our Eucharistic activities since the beginning of our journey.

EucaristiCamp 2


On behalf of the team of service,
Icaro Magalhães

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