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Monday, 07 May 2018 10:23

Celebrating POLA @ 25 Years

Br. Throy M. Fuentebella, sss


That very morning is just like dewing the day with drizzles and dazzling aura. The Sacramentinos welcome the cold, foggy morning as they huddle at center court with sounds of jubilation. When the fog vanishes, the sky vividly paints the significance of today’s event which is ricocheting from the beautiful blue shirts the Sacramentinos are wearing. It is indeed a great morning to start the day’s activities. The lighting of torches signifies the triumphant trails of brotherhood, gratefulness, and optimism. The blazing fire gives off heat that warms the heart and spirit. The much-awaited logo unveiling of “POLA 25 Years” becomes the highlight of the event. Gazing closely at the logo, it brings renewed hope and inspirations. The logo reverberates the dynamic image of fruitful years of Eucharistic spirit that embodies commitment, fidelity, and self-giving moving forward, for more fruitful years of being together in one spirit and mission. Indeed, there is no better way to celebrate this momentous event than by sharing the gifts of precious presence and fraternal spirit, which stand through the years.

Over the years, the SSS-POLA clinches closely with the challenges and unveils the opportunities for growth. The transition from being a Region to Province is a daring decision that those in-charge of governance have embraced with great confidence and optimism for the growing mission opportunities. The SSS ROL no. 79, clearly states, “The Province is an organic unity within the Church. It comprises a number of houses taken as a whole, where the Religious carry out their mission within a given area and in cooperation with the Local Church. It is equipped with the means and structures necessary for its mission, and it enjoys the autonomy that belongs to it to collaborate in building up the Body of Christ in the area where it is established. The Province creates personal bond between all its members whom it unites in the sharing of the same concerns and the realizations of common objectives. Each Province lives in fellowship with the whole Congregation, especially through the intermediary of the general government.” With this clear-cut directive, there is no doubt that the Province fruitfully gears up for the call of the present time. 

Celebrating 25 years as a Province conveys the attitude of being gracious and grateful - with gratitude of the heart and joy of the soul. It is truly a humbling opportunity where Sacramentinos are of one heart and one mind in this Provincial Assembly and Annual Retreat 2018. The active participation of Sacramentinos conveys a message of thanksgiving for the bountiful blessings that the Eucharistic Lord bestowed upon the Province. Just a day of fraternal bonding may not be enough, but what really matters are the memorable experiences, the joy of being together, and the celebration of the Sacramentino spirit that lingers in each one’s heart. It is indeed the day where the gift of brotherhood has revisited and rekindled at the very heart of the Eucharist. This day will truly be remembered as a significant event in the life of each Sacramentino and in the life of the Province. May His Eucharistic Kingdom Come!