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Monday, 10 September 2018 08:44

New stained-glass windows in the Eymard Chapel

By Mrs. Brigitte Cassard


Today the renovated chapel is a welcoming environment attractively offering an inviting atmosphere of recollection. It was important to complete this work of renovation and to replace the three bare windows with those of stained-glass.

These windows contain impressive messages drawn from Father Eymard’s life’s journey:

  • The preparation of Peter-Julian Eymard for his first Communion for which he went to the three crosses to do penance;
  • The Virgin Mary who accompanies him throughout his life;
  • His attachment to Jesus Eucharistic.

These three windows were realised by the master glassmaker Paul Bunichon of the “Cygne” workshop in Lyons. Attentive to us he captured our sensitivity to Father Eymard, whose spirit was meant to be retained in the sobriety and simplicity of the chapel.

The imagery in the three stained glass windows depicts the outstanding features of Father Eymard and an “ideal” path leading us from one window to another. The curves gently suggest the strong messages, the pastel and contrasting colours give strength to the symbolism. Placed in the church the faithful are drawn to experience God, not only in an intellectual way but with their senses.

Saint Peter-Julian Eymard said: “The Eucharist is light; it enlightens every man who places no obstruction to its light. Its light is gentle and penetrating; great and pure, strong and powerful. (…) It penetrates the soul as deeply as the solar rays penetrate a crystal, making it like a fireplace of light.” (PG 283,2)

On 3 August 2018, a numerous gathering took part in the joyous inauguration and blessing of the stained- glass windows in the presence of Father Eugênio Barbosa Martins, the Superior General.