International Commissions

To respond to the needs of administration and animation of the Congregation, the General Council at its meetings on 17-21 July 2017 considered it important to set up three international commissions composed in the following manner:

International Study Commission on the Founder and his Work (CEFO)
CEFO Rencontre1


  • Fr. Eugênio Barbosa Martins, sss
  • Superior General
  • Fr. José Antonio Rivera Ruiz, sss
  • General Consultor/Vicar
  • Fr. Fiorenzo Salvi, sss
  • Coordinator (Italy)
  • Fr. Manuel Barbiero, sss
  • Specialist (Italy)
  • Fr. André Guitton, sss 
  • Specialist (France)
  • Fr. Vergel Dalangin, sss
  • Specialist (Philippines)
  • Fr. Thaddée Mupapa, sss
  • Specialist (Dem. Rep. Congo)
  • Sr. Vu Thi Hue, sss
  • Servant of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Miss Mary Keane
  • General Directrix of Servitium Christi
  • Mrs. Anne Marie Françoise Ndoye
  • Member, Aggregation of the Bl. Sacrament in Senegal


International Commission for Formation (CIForm)


  • Fr. Agostinho Maholele, sss (Mozambique)
  • General Consultor and Coordinator
  • Fr. Joseph Pham Dinh Ai, sss (Vietnam)
  • Scholastics Director
  • Fr. Jose Alfredo Poveda Y, sss (Colombia)
  • Scholastics Director
  • Fr. Abraham Faye, sss (Senegal)
  • Novice Master
  • Fr. George Ssali, sss (Uganda)
  • Postulancy Director
  • Fr. Rizieri Santi, sss (Italy)
  • Vocations


International Commission on Finances (CIF)


  •  Fr. Benzy Philip Romician, sss (India)
  •  General Treasurer and Coordinator
  •  Fr. Brel Malela Daouda, sss (D.R. Congo)
  •  Africa
  •  Mr. Marc O’Brien (Australia)
  •  Expert
  •  Mr. John Ulrich (USA)
  •  Expert