Provinces and Regions

The Blessed Sacrament communities and apostolic ministries around the world are organized by Provinces and Regions as organic unities within the congregation.

A Province comprises a number of houses taken as a whole, where religious carry out their mission within a given area in cooperation with the local Church. It is equipped with the means and structures necessary for its mission and it enjoys the autonomy that belongs to it to collaborate in building up the Body of  Christ in the area where it is established.

A Region comprises a number of communities to which the province has granted a certain autonomy, in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity. While linked with its province of origin, a region tends toward becoming an autonomous province.

Province du Bienheureux Isidore Bakanja
République Démocratique du Congo

Région du Cardinal Emile Biayenda

République du Congo

Province of Christ the Bread of Life

Sri Lanka

Province of the Holy Spirit


Kristu Jyoti Province


Provincia della Madonna del Santissimo Sacramento


Provincia Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe


Province de Notre Dame d'Afrique


Province of Our Lady of the Assumption

Phillippines-Hawaii (USA)-Uganda

Province of St. Ann

United States of America

Province de Saint Jean Baptiste


Province du Saint Pierre-Julien Eymard

Nord Europa: France-Suisse-Belgique-Deutschland-Nederland-Mozambique

Province of Saints Peter and Paul

United Kingdom-Ireland

Provincia de San Juan XXIII

Colombia-Peru-Puerto Rico

Province of the Vietnamese Martyrs