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Ordinations in Viet Nam

Priest candidates:

1. Brother Vincente Nguyen Van Dung, SSS

2. Brother Joseph Nguyen Duc Huy, SSS

3. Brother Joseph Ngo Van Khang, SSS

4. Brother Peter Nguyen Van Nguyen, SSS

5. Brother Joseph Nguyen Thanh Tung, SSS


After many years living and studying in the Congregation, eleven religious of the Province of Vietnamese Martyrs, now committed themselves wholeheartedly to the service of our Eucharistic Lord through His people by responding to God's call “to live the Paschal Mystery, to internalise it in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament and to share with others the life springs from it.” (RL 102)

On 03 November 2022, the Blessed Sacrament Congregation in Vietnam welcomed Joseph Tran Van Toan, Bishop of Long Xuyen Diocese to Khiet Tam Church, where six religious have been ordained by him to the deaconate and five others to the priesthood.


Deacon candidates:

1. Brother Joseph Nguyen Thanh Kham, SSS

2. Brother Thomas Aquino Pham Van Khoe, SSS

3. Brother Peter Le Tien Quynh, SSS

4. Brother Joseph Nguyen Van Son, SSS

5. Brother Joseph Tran Ba Thien, SSS

6. Brother Anthony Nguyen Ba Vinh, SSS

Ordination Vietnam


In his homily Bishop Joseph Tran Van Toan said: “In the Eucharist, Jesus expressed an unconditional love, a humble love, a self-destructive and self-giving love for humanity. Therefore, each person is also called to give his or her life to the other to continue his mission of salvation.”

At the end of the Mass, in spirit of thanksgiving to God, father Joseph Pham Dinh Ai, Provincial Superior, on behalf of all the SSS religious, thanked the concelebrants, religious, the benefactors, their relatives and the entire community.

We thank the Lord to give our Congregation these young religious who are following in the footsteps of Father Eymard to light the Eucharistic fire everywhere. May the Lord through the intercessions of our Mother, Mary Queen of the Cenacle, and of Saint Peter Julian Eymard, our Founder, grant them strength and love so that they will always be enthusiastic and courageous to live their charism and carry out our Eucharistic mission.


Father Joseph Tran Minh Hieu, SSS

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