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Celebration of the 50 years of priestly life of Father Humberto Kuijpers, sss

On 30 October 2022, Reverend Father Humberto Kuijpers, sss, celebrated his 50 years of priestly life. He was ordained a priest at Nijmegen in Holland on 17 May 1970. Due to the pandemic in 2020 the celebration of this took place two and a half years later.

The celebration was held in the parish of St Joachim. Father Humberto himself presided at the Mass, which was a very emotional occasion for him and for the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament present in Mozambique

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These 50 years of priestly life represent for us a great source of inspiration, reflection and were also very instructive for young priests, because it is not easy to reach this goal in the present epoch, beset by numerous changes and full of difficulties.

This day was very moving and, apart from the Mass, there were several enjoyable festivities. Among the guests Father Hubert had the joy of welcoming his sister Paulina and his niece Laura, who took part in this celebration.

The Congregation thanks Father Hubert for his remarkable service to our SSS confreres in Mozambique for nearly 30 years.


Diaconal Ordination of Brother Emílio Agostinho Mossa, sss

On 2 December 2022 we celebrated another event, that of the diaconal ordination of Brother Emilio Agostinho Mossa, in the parish of St Joachim. This ceremony was presided over by His Excellence Dom Francisco Chimoio, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Maputo.

Afterwards we shared a convivial festivity in his honour in the community of St Peter-Julian Eymard at Maputo. 

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Fr. Félix Florindo Tupasso, sss

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