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History of the SSS Community in Cali Colombia

In this context, the religious of the Community of Cali set up ELAS (Meeting of the Blessed Sacrament Religious of Latin American) with the theme: Eucharist and Social Commitment. This was attended not only by the religious of what was called the Delegation of the Province of St Peter of Spain but also by Blessed Sacrament religious from the Province of Brazil and the Province of Argentina and Chile. As a result of this especially significant meeting there came, through pressure exerted by the Brazilian Blessed Sacrament religious, the commitment to urgently open the House of Formation in the Delegation / Region of Colombia and Puerto Rico.

The experience was very rich, very challenging, but very beautiful, and lived in great truth. From that time, one of the religious from Cali was commissioned to open the House of Formation in Bogotá, as well as to begin the Vocation Apostolate, for which he moved to Bogotá. Another religious was invited to strengthen the community of Medellín. Another religious fell in love with a young woman from Cali and married her.

Fr. Juan Echevarría remained with other religious, but the shape of the homogeneous community of the initial insertion gradually changed. After the Blessed Sacrament community’s 22 years of existence in Cali, its two parishes were handed over, one to the Missionaries Fathers from Yarumal, an entirely Colombian religious community, and the other to the clergy of the Archdiocese of Cali.

This took place in precisely 1992.



Father Lucinio Martin Herrero, sss
Colombia-Perú, NOTIBIP 91 - May 2023


Thanks to Father Lucinio for his contribution in Notibip
regarding the history of our community.

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