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Vietnamese Scholasticate celebrated the feast day of Saint Augustine on the opening days of the new academic year

In the spirit of the back-to-school season, spanning from August 24th to August 28th 2023, the Scholasticate of Vietnamese Blessed Sacrament Province reverently celebrated the feast day of Saint Augustine, whom the community had chosen as its patron. This commemoration was marked by a rich tapestry of activities, including active sports, a reflective Triduum in honor of the Saint, a reverent thanksgiving adoration, and a solemn Mass.

The sports session lasted for two days with diverse sporting activities, such as badminton, table tennis, table soccer, and football, were enthusiastically embraced by the brethren. This activity really fosters a profound sense of fraternity and unity among all members of the community.

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In particular, to prepare for the grand celebration, every member of the Scholasticate diligently observed a Triduum three days prior, dedicating additional time to prayer, introspection, and acts of virtue, symbolizing offerings to God in the image of Saint Augustine.

The climax of the celebration unfolded during the Mass, held at 6 p.m. on Monday, August 28th. During this sacred occasion, Father Dominic Tuyen, the assistant to the Scholastic Director, extended blessings to six brothers who had successfully completed their philosophical studies and were embarking on a pastoral year in different ministry communities. Moreover, he also extended a warm welcome to eight brothers who joined the Scholasticate following two years in novitiate and having made their initial vows.

Thus, this year, the Vietnamese Scholasticate now comprises a total of 52 students, distributed among two philosophical classes, one pastoral year group, and four theological classes.

This celebration notably deepened and fortified the bonds of fraternity among the brethren, and set a promising foundation for the academic year ahead. May God's blessings be upon all of us as we embark on the forthcoming academic year, nurturing both our moral virtues and intellectual pursuits, so that we may gain the achievement pleased God’s will, and grow up on the path of being Eucharistic servants.

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