Tuesday, 23 January 2018 11:20

Hospitality at San Benedetto del Tronto

by Virginia Falà Cosignani



The festal celebration of the 60th anniversary of priesthood ordination of Fathers Brugnetti Luigi and Troiani Igino and First World Day of the Poor, was held at the Blessed Sacrament House and St Joseph’s Parish on19 December 2017.

The Blessed Sacrament Community of St Benedetto del Tronto, besides offering the great gift of perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, has the great vocation of being welcoming. Since its arrival at the centre of the city, just after World War II, in a historical moment of great poverty and need, the community has shown that its “heart” is always open. An open heart to every request for help, both material or spiritual; open to draw near, to create communion without distinction, putting together in daily life the “Eucharistic table” with the “table for the poor”. St Joseph’s Parish, inserted and rooted in this Blessed Sacrament reality (Caritas ante litteram – love before words), has breathed and absorbed this style of hospitality, enriching many of its diocesan activities with the table of sharing. The 1st World Day for the poor was yet another occasion of conviviality between the Blessed Sacrament Community, the Parish and the poor, who shared the joy of the common table. The table, in fact, represents a celebration, communion, warmth, relaxation, exchange, friendship, “family” …

Accoglienza San Benedetto del  Tronto2

In this special “family” all the Blessed Sacrament religious, with their Provincial Father, wanted to celebrate a very important event for the community: the 60th anniversary of Priesthood Ordination of Fathers Igino Troiani and Luigi Brugnetti. As always, the community welcomed more people to celebrate with them. The volunteers of the parochial “Caritas” prepared with care the room, to give everyone a warm welcome, as every mother would have done. They cooked and served “the family” the good and rich Sunday meal. And it was a celebration!

This style of hospitality doesn’t want to stop in giving, but it concretizes itself in drawing people close to one another, in listening, sharing, welcoming, while creating and showing models of behaviour based on reciprocal respect.