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Eurocamp 2018

It will be held in Thy-Le-Chateau (Belgium), about 100 km from Bruxelles, at “Community of the Beatitudes” from July 29 to August 5, 2018. The spiritual route starts from the experience of the “gift of self” lived by Father Eymard during the Retreat of Rome. The title, “Love must exaggerate”, evokes - in a younger style - an expression used by Fr. Fiorenzo Salvi during his meditative lecture at the General Chapter in 2017.

Since its beginning, 33 years ago, the experience of Eurocamp has aimed at having youth come up to Eucharist and to eucharistic spirituality. Throughout a week, young people from different countries, cultures and speaking different languages can share life and Christian Faith.

The itinerary is constituted of three stages. During the first one youth are invited to taking stock of their own lives (“Here I am” on Monday 30th July, and “Most beloved children” on Tuesday 31st July). In the second stage, they receive the announcement of the Eucharist offered by Jesus (“Self-giving” on Thursday 2nd August) as a Sacrament that transforms and renews their spirit, that establishes a new way of life-based on “service” in response to the Lord’s calling. Then, during the last stage, youth are asked to make practical choices for their everyday life (“For free” on Friday 3rd August and “Mission (im)possible” on Saturday 4th August).

A day trip to Bruxelles is planned on Wednesday 1st August. It will be also the occasion to visit our community there, sharing a time of prayer in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament and having lunch altogether.

Thy le Château

Fraternity-Prayer-Service: these are the three foundations of Eurocamp. Actually, they are just the foundations of our “renewed eucharistic spirituality”. Fraternity is built day by day, sharing everything: friendship, dialogue, meditation, prayer, household service. Time of prayer is constituted of Morning Prayer and- on specific days- the Eucharistic Celebration, the Liturgy of Reconciliation and Adoration. Household service includes cleaning, collaboration for the meals (before, during and after) and any other service requested by those who host the Eurocamp.

As in the past, also this year Eurocamp is aimed at offering, unpretentiously, a joyful and open vocational proposal: “With the Grace of the Eucharist we can live every day… This way we can face the present and future challenges”.

Dear brethren, please, be bold in promoting the Eurocamp experience among youth in your parishes and also among the parents of youth who collaborate with you in several activities and share our Eucharistic spirituality.

Please, make the Eurocamp known also to any of your faithful so that they can promote it among their children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces and young people in general… maybe someone is just looking for such an experience.

The Eurocamp is already a common patrimony of our Provinces in Europe. Let’s make the most of this opportunity especially on this year focused on the Synod on young people. 

The participation fee is 235 euros (travel expense excluded). It would be of great help if you could give any financial contribution to support those young people who cannot afford the whole cost.

If you need further information and details, or if you want other information material, please, don’t hesitate to contact us. Any suggestion will be welcomed too.

Let’s look ahead with trust, believing that, although our poor means, the more we will work together the more the Lord will bless us.

Please, pray for us animator for the youth at the Eurocamp. We need your spiritual support because it is increasingly difficult to organize it and, above all, to give testimony and to announce the realities of the Holy Spirit. Please, keep us in your prayer during the Holy Mass and visiting the Blessed Sacrament.



Via Giovanni Battista de Rossi, 46
00161 – Roma / 348 9045804
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Via Sant'Agata
50066 – Reggello (FI) / 349 6559164
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Via IV Novembre, 109
24010 – Ponteranica (BG) / 340 4674096
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Participation Fee: 235,00 Euros




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