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2023 Asia-Oceania Conference

The Province of Our Lady of the Assumption – Philippines hosted the weeklong gathering of the SSS Provincial Superiors in Asia and Oceania (Australia).

This is part of the Congregation’s commitment to dialogue with the interests of our mission and spirituality based on mutual support and respect for cultural differences of its member-provinces.

Asia Oceania Conference 1

The conference took place from May 8-12, 2023. It was attended by Fr. Philip Watkins, SSS (Provincial Superior of the Province of the Holy Spirit, Australia); Fr. Joseph Ai, SSS (Provincial Superior of the Province of the Vietnamese Martyrs; Vietnam); Fr. Justin Chawkan, SSS (Provincial Superior of the Province of Christ Bread of Life, Sri Lanka); Fr. Peter Jayakanthan, SSS (Provincial Superior of the Province of Kristu Jyoti, India and President of SSS Asia-Oceania Conference); Fr. Roel Dela Cruz, SSS (Provincial Superior of the Province of Our Lady of the Assumption, Philippines) and Fr. Philip Benzy, SSS (General Consultor in Asia and General Treasurer).

Asia Oceania Conference 2

From left to right: Philip, Roel, Benzy, bishop Bancud, Justin, Peter, Joseph

The preliminary conferences took place at the Provincialate House in Quezon City. Fr. Miguel Garcia, JCL, SSS shared input on “Governance in Religious Life According to Canon Law” and the Most Rev. Sofronio Bancud, SSS, D.D. (Bishop of Cabanatuan) shared input on “Synodality in the Context of Internationality in Mission and Collaboration”. Other meetings and conferences took place in the Blessed Sacrament House in Baguio City and in the Ciudad Fernandina Hotel in Vigan City. The said conference hopes for a more flourishing engagement into efforts for a global preservation of the mission and spirit of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament.


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