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Visit of the Provincial Superior to Mozambique from 28 June to 10 July 2023

On 29 June 2023 we had a meeting with the Provincial Superior, Father Eugène van Heyst, and his Consultor Father Gérard Daix. This was followed by personal meetings with them.

The purpose of the visit was to A) visit and discover the conditions necessary for the religious community of Maputo to become a Region in the coming years, and B) learn about the number of existing houses.

Provincial Mozambique 1

The community of Maputo in its report informed the Provincial and the Consultor that there are 4 houses, the last of which is a house of SSS formation, namely:

  1. St Ana of Munhuana
  2. House of Matola Gare
  3. Moamba House
  4.  The House of Formation

There followed a retreat of the SSS religious in Namaacha (5 days), presided over by Father Gérard, a Provincial Consultor.

On 8 July 2023, Deacon Emilio Mossa sss was ordained priest by the imposition of hands of Monsignor João Carlos, the Archbishop of Maputo. 9 July was the feast of the Priestly Ordination and the First Mass of Father Emilio. In this ordination, in addition to our Provincial, the Provincial of Sri Lanka, whom Father Emilio invited, was present.

On 10 July 2023 we received the final report of the provincial visit to Maputo. In this report, Father Eugène, the Provincial, officially presented the new Maputo Council team, namely:

  1. Superior of the Community of Maputo: Father Félix Florindo Tupasso, sss
  2. Vicar of the Community of Maputo: Father Vasco Dinís Sitoe, sss
  3. Treasurer of the Community of Maputo: Father Silvério Ernesto, sss.

Regarding the pastoral care of the confreres, Father Félix, sss was also appointed the new parish priest of St Anne of the Munhuana Parish, of which he took charge on 28 July 2023.

Latest news …

On 2 August, the feast of our founder St Peter-Julian Eymard, Father Humberto Kuijpers sss launched a new book ALBUM, containing photographs and images of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament.

Father Constâncio Cornelio sss was also appointed new parish priest of Moamba and Father Geraldo Uaiare sss, superior, taking charge on 12 August 2023, replacing Father Félix who was appointed to Maputo.


Father Félix Florindo Tupasso, sss

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