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News from India

I join our religious of Kristu Jyoti Province – India and express my joy for the fruitful events of IP4, Fr. Superior General’s visit and Final Commitment followed by Ordination to Diaconate.

Richness of IP4: I am grateful to the Provinces of Saints Peter & Paul, and Saint Peter Julian Eymard for the participation of religious from them. It has offered lots of richness being an international Program. We were blessed with four overseas SSS for the sessions this time. Bro. Amirtharaj sss and Bro. Emilio sss shared their learnings of coming together as SSS family with our four brothers. We were affirmed with the continuous support from our General Curia.

Encouraging Visit of Fr. Superior General: “I like animation” are the words of our Rev. Fr. Eugenio Barbosa Martins sss Superior General. In the midst of his chapters’ schedule, he made time and visited our religious in three different places. Fr. Philip Benzy sss, General Treasurer / Consultor accompanied him. His visit in Goa, Chennai and Mumbai was encouraging to continue our mission. He emphasized on united celebration and witnessing as Eymardian family. He initiated us to prepare for the XXXVI General Chapter, next November 2023.

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Here I am delighted to share the visit and the interaction of Fr. Agostinho Maholele sss, General Consultor to all our formation houses.

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Moments of Blessings: Every newness are special moments and they are showers of blessings. Four of our brothers made their final commitment, it was followed by the Diaconate. These brothers bring forth blessings and hope to our province. I thank their family people and all those who accompanied them to sustain their Eucharistic call.

Soon after our Fifth Provincial Chapter, I found these events are an opportunity to practice and live the theme of synodality. The greater participation and complete involvement brought richness to all the moments. With gratitude!


Father Peter Jayakanthan Dorairaj, sss
Superior of Kristu Jyoti Province - India

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